​​Learn proven techniques that will help your athletes eliminate distractions and develop a consistent laser focus on the task at hand.


Learn to guide athletes to shape their inner voice. Elite athletes require a a consistent performance based message.​



Learn the neurology & physiology of anxiety & help athletes manage activation for consistent peak performance.


​​​​Help your athletes harness the power of their own neurology through visualization to prime elite performance.

Mental Performance Coaching: Coaches

Coaches who understand the mental aspects of performance and sport psychology principles, are equipped to build mental toughness & a dominant mental game in their athletes. There is more to building champions in sport and life than Xs and Os.

  1. You will create an autonomy supportive culture that creates proactive athletes.
  2. You will inspire competent & confident athletes who are motivated to work toward mastery of skillset, mindset, and abilities.
  3. You will facilitate healthy interaction with systems (friends, family, sports teams, etc.) that provide a foundation for peak performance.
  4. You will create a system that perpetuates your mission and values and breeds consistent high performance.


Coaching is available face to face, in office, in the field, and through video conferencing. We also offer a comprehensive Online Mental Skills Training Course for athletes called The Drive to Thrive and one parents called Parenting the Drive to Thrive. Check out the online academy.

goal Setting

Learn the science behind GS and help your athletes set, meet, & conquer individual & team goals.