​Goal setting is a powerful and necessary technique for enhancing and facilitating elite performance. Goals help an athlete remain persistent, confident, and focused. This helps create and build momentum in the right direction.
Research shows that:

  1. Goals direct attention to important elements of the skill being performed

  2. Goals mobilize performer efforts

  3. Goals prolong performer persistence

  4. Goals foster the development of new learning strategies.

There is more to goal setting than defining a desired outcome and getting to work. SMART goals are good, but they aren't enough. The people you coach and lead must understand outcome and process goals and how to monitor progress toward both. I will work with you and your system (coaches, athletes, parents, etc.) to design goals tailored to your athlete's, team's and organization's individual needs. The system will lean to assess, reassess and modify goals and develop top performers.

Goal Setting

​Set performance, process & outcome goals & develop the skills to dominate them.