Anxiety & Arousal

​Help your athletes Learn to manage the psychological & physical effects of anxiety & Arousal


Through mental skills training, your athletes will learn to manage anxiety and perform at a high level consistently. Anxiety is the mind and body's fight or flight reaction triggered by a perceived threat. Things like fear of losing, mistakes, and letting the team down can spark this sort of reaction. The psychological and physiological consequences of anxiety degrade performance. To perform their best, an athlete must understand and manage these mental and physical affects. Using a Cognitive Behavioral approach, your athlete will learn to stop anxiety before it starts, manage it when it is present, and harness it to improve performance when they need to.


Arousal level is the athlete's current level of excitement. It exists on a continuum from low (sleep) to high (overly excited), and each athlete has a “sweet spot” where they function best. Recognizing under or over arousal, and learning techniques to maintain the sweet spot are important for consistent, high level performance. Mental skills training helps an athlete understand and manage their arousal level as it pertains to them, in their sport and position. We will work together to help the athlete maintain an optimal level of arousal for high performance.