goal Setting

Set, meet, & conquer goals. "SMART" goals aren't all you need to know. Master the process & create the outcome (more).


Eliminate distractions through a laser focus. Perform consistently in any circumstance, situation, or level of pressure (more).


Manage anxiety & activation/excitement levels, physical and psychological processes, & maximize performance (more).


Use visualization before, during & after practice & competition, to improve your game, & prime peak performance (more).


Use your inner voice to fuel high level performance. Turn the inner critic into an inner coach & inspire peak performance (more).

Coaching is available face to face, in office, in the field, and through video conferencing. We also offer a comprehensive Online Mental Skills Training Course called The Drive to Thrive.

For Athletes

Mental performance coaching, using sport psychology principles, creates an athletic advantage over the competition. You will compete to be on the top teams, win the starting position, and consistently perform at your best. We offer one-on-one private coaching, which takes a targeted approach. This is the most effective and efficient way to strengthen your mental game. We will assess your needs and then work collaboratively to craft a plan that will best improve your performance.

For groups (parents, coaches, etc.) and teams, we offer clinics and instruction that are unique and memorable. We provided dynamic and practical information that they can be applied immediately to facilitate high performance.

We also offer an online sport psychology/mental performance training program. You can learn ore about that here