Learn to be laser focused: narrowing, broadening & releasing focus as needed & muting distractions.

​As an athlete, you don’t lose focus, you just put it somewhere else. We will work together to determine your individual needs and develop your ability to put your attention where it will fuel high performance. Being present in the moment and sustaining focus are crucial to performance excellence. You will learn how to:

  • Control focus

  • Hold focus

  • Release focus

  • Bring focus back when it wanders

You will learn when to let focus broaden, when to make it narrow, and when to wrangle it into submission when you are distracted. There are many sights, sounds, and sensations that can compete for focus. Environmental distractions like the elements, field conditions and dynamics of the venue can be difficult to manage. There are also internal things, like anxiety, self doubt, and pain that can pull attention in the wrong direction. As with all sport psychology techniques, focus is individualized to your sport and requirements as an athlete. Building on your existing strengths, we will craft your ability to focus when and where you need it and turn you into a high performance machine.