Mental skills training, using sport psychology principles help build a dominant mental game and inspire peak performance in your youth athlete.

Mental Skill training gives your athlete an edge over the competition for the top team and the top spot. 

  1. They will learn that they can influence their future with the choices they make and actions they take.

  2. They will become competent, confident and work toward mastery in their skillset and abilities.

  3. They will connect to healthy systems (friends, family, sports teams, etc.).

We offer one-on-one private coaching, which takes a personally targeted approach. This is the most effective and efficient way to strengthen your mental game. We will assess your needs and then work collaboratively to craft a plan that will  best improve your performance.

For groups (parents, coaches, etc.) and teams, we offer clinics and instruction that are unique and memorable. We provided dynamic and practical information that they can be applied immediately to facilitate high performance.

We also offer an online sport psychology/mental performance training program. You can learn ore about that here. 



Help your athlete set, meet, & conquer goals. "SMART" goals aren't all there is to know. Master the process & create the outcome (more).


Help your athlete become consistent, eliminate distractions, and gain a laser focus on the right things (more).


Help your athlete manage anxiety and activation levels to be primed to perform their best every time (more).


Help your athlete use visualization to prime performance excellence and create ideal physical and mental conditions for performance (more). 


Help your athlete Turn the inner critic into an inner coach & inspire peak performance. The inner voice will fuel high performance (more). ​

Coaching is available face to face, in office, in the field, and through video conferencing.

We also offer a comprehensive Online Mental Skills Training Course called 
The Drive to Thrive. There is also a parent version of The Drive to Thrive, that will equip you with a toolbox for parenting an elite athlete, improving communication, and enjoyment of sport for you and your athlete.

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