​​​​​​​​​​​PARENTING The Drive TO THRIVE: ONline Training

Develop an elite, confident, and unstoppable competitor.

Based on best practices in sport and performance psychology, child development/parenting, and cognitive behavioral theory, this course will teach you the skills, concepts and techniques to lead your athlete to the next level.

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​While every athlete has some natural mental skill ability, natural ability isn't enough for elite performance.

Mental skills, mental toughness, assertiveness, and motivation aren't fixed. They are all trainable skills.

​You will learn how to apply the fundamentals of sport and performance psychology to your parenting style. This will benefit your athlete in sport and in life. You will learn the science and the practice behind: goal setting, motivation, focus, mental toughness, emotion snd anxiety management & self-talk. You will learn ways to communicate what you learn that will minimize resistance and maximize communication. 

Benefits of the Parenting the Drive to Thrive course include:

  • An increased understanding of developing internal motivation
  • An increase in the quality and frequency of healthy communication with your athlete.
  • Learning to give advice that is heard.
  • Creating a common language and experience around performance and the sporting environment.
  • Develop an understanding of how to build your athlete's neurology to affect learning, motivation and performance.
  • Over 100 bite-sized learning modules that can be explored on any computer, tablet or phone.

The Parenting the Drive to Thrive course is the equivalent of 10-12 in-office sessions, for price of 1 face to face session!

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