Mental Skills Training

We understand that many clubs, teams, and colleges can't afford a dedicated sport psychology/mental skills professional or program. We bridge the gap and offer services affordably to address one of the most important aspects of performance: mental skill training.

We help the organization, coaches and support staff infuse the principles of sport psychology and a high performance mindset into the system. We work with you to craft a long-term plan to build consistent and repeatable organizational practices and/or incorporate a mental skills training program and mental performance coaching into your organization. We can work with individuals, coaches, teams and/or the entire organization. This includes one-on-one instruction, presentations, and clinics. We can come to you and offer individualized services to meet your specific needs. We can also provide services through video conferencing.


There are many proven approaches to leadership, which are documented in books, seminars, and YouTube videos. Each discipline might name them differently, teach them differently, and put an individual spin on them, but there are a few common tenets to leadership that each method uses. As an organization, you have already built a leadership philosophy around those tenets as they relate to you. Our strength is in helping you infuse and implement those tenets in your organization. We help you make your leadership philosophy fire on all cylinders. This creates consistency at all levels of the organization.


Apply the principles of positive leadership and sport psychology to build and maintain a thriving culture. Championship level performance doesn't happen by chance, neither does a championship culture. Create consistency by learning ways to streamline processes, create and enforce standard policies and practices, and get staff aligned to the mission of the organization.

Make our program YOUR program

Our online Drive to Thrive Course is an A-Z, stand-alone mental skills training program. It is a comprehensive and interactive course geared to offer the fundamentals of sport and performance psychology and mental skills training. The Drive to Thrive can be customized to reflect your branding, mission, vision and culture. For a low subscription price, it can be tailored to your needs and run without maintenance. in addition to the sport and performance psychology content, your training methods, forms, practices, etc. are easily incorporated. The course can be supplemented by in person (or video) trainings, seminars, and one-on-one coaching from the Mind Right Pro staff.

Clubs, teams & ORGANIZATIONS 

Use the fundamentals of sport psychology, peak performance, and positive psychology to create a high performance culture. Create and maintain systems and processes that ensure consistent delivery of services, unified coaching practices, and a solid impression of your brand's interaction with the public.

We offer one-on-one private coaching, which takes a targeted approach to your people and/or organization. We will assess your needs and then work collaboratively to craft a plan that will best improve the dynamics in the context of your situation.

For groups (parents, coaches, etc.) and teams, we offer clinics and instruction that are unique and memorable. We provided dynamic and practical information that they can be applied immediately to create high-functioning systems.

We also offer an online sport psychology/mental performance training program. You can learn more about that here