Everyone knows how to throw a ball, run, and jump. We rely on coaches, training, and scientific best practices, to teach us how to do it well. The same is true of mental skills, but they are often not trained. We all have them to some degree, but what comes naturally isn't all there is.

Mental skills are trainable and provide a distinct competitive advantage!

The Drive to Thrive course uses evidenced based practices to teach mental skill fundamentals

This includes goal setting, motivation, focus, mental toughness, activation levels, Imagery, routines, emotion and anxiety management & self-talk. Athletes will learn to:

  1. Increase quality and consistency of performance.
  2. Develop an understanding of how neurology influences learning, motivation and peak performance

Over 100 bite-sized learning modules that can be explored on any computer, tablet or phone.

ACCESS to course creator and Sports Psych Pro: Dr. J, for ZOOM sessions to discuss assessments and progress.


Check out a free preview and learn about The Myth of the Natural and Mental Toughness.

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The Drive to Thrive:
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Based on a sport and performance psychology principles and a cognitive behavioral approach, this course will lead any athlete to the next level. No matter what the level of participation, physical ability isn't enough to become your best as an athlete.