Life Coach in San Antonio (& surrounding areas, and online life coach)

At Mind Right, we are your life coach in San Antonio, and surrounding areas. We are convenient to NW San Antonio, Leon Springs, Boerne and Helotes. We are also your online life coach (via ZOOM/video) for people all over the US. We help all kinds of people-who don't want or need traditional counseling or our sport and performance skills training-gain forward momentum toward their goals. This includes personal and professional  achievement.

What is the difference between traditional counseling and life coaching?

Life coaching is geared toward the present and future, helping people move forward, set and meet goals and live deeper into their potential. Traditionally coaches aren't trained to deal with the past, or psychological things like anxiety, depression, and trauma. Counseling is provided by trained mental health professionals, with at least as Master's degree in a counseling related field.

Mind Right's coaching services are different because we draw from the elements of a Master's level education (and many years of experience in traditional counseling) and Doctoral level education and experience in sport and performance psychology.

This education and experience in traditional counseling and human performance offers a superior foundation for life coaching. We work to move forward, set and meet goals and live deeper into your potential and we understand the mechanisms that are getting in the way.

Self-help books don’t work (that’s why there are so many of them)

Self-help books are full of aha moments and good ideas, sure. When people are trying to get their sh*t together, good ideas aren’t the issue, implementation is.

We understand the arts and sciences of: psychology,  motivation, and how people learn

Good, bad, or indifferent, unconscious processes drive behavior. There are only a handful of these processes. They are things that we all do, but we individualize their arrangement. For you to move forward and recognize your potential, you have to understand your arrangement. Our coaching will provide an understanding how these things started and aligned for you, how they hamper you in the present, and help you move through them.

The thing that makes a coach so much better than a self-help book is feedback. Encouragement, constructive feedback, an unbiased perspective, and gently calling bullsh*t when needed, make all the difference in getting you were you want to be.