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I am the "Chief Inspiration Officer" at Mind Right Sport Psychology.


My approach to mental skills training uses cutting-edge brain science combined with a cognitive behavioral focus, sport psychology fundamentals, and Positive Psychology. As a mental skills coach, I help people develop mental toughness and perform their best consistently in any situation. I hold a doctoral degree in Sport & Performance Psychology with and emphasis in Positive Leadership and a master's degree and professional licensure in traditional counseling.​ My home office is in San Antonio, Texas, but I travel all over the country working with athletes, performers, and professionals who want a mental edge. I work face-to-face and via Zoom with individuals and groups and offer an online training platform with courses for athletes and parents of athletes. The mental skills training I provide offers benefits in sports and in life!



Mental skills training creates consistent, repeatable, high-level performance. Key areas of sport psychology training include focus, motivation, mental toughness, assertiveness, confidence, goal-setting, imagery/visualization, and self-talk. I work with athletes who are just starting out through Division 1 college athletes and professionals.


Mental skills training in a team environment creates and maintains cohesive, high functioning systems that perform consistently. I work with players and coaches to help align philosophy, practices, and performance with the needs of their team. A collection of athletes who all train sport psychology skills are a formidable challenge, even to teams with similar physical skills.


I use a systemic approach to building and maintaining a championship culture using sport psychology principles, starting with a needs assessment. I work to gain an understanding of the organization's mission, vision, purpose, and goals. We then work collaboratively to create a system that is infused with sport psychology fundamentals, and functions well and consistently over time.


Sports are 10% physical. Size, speed, and skills even out between athletes as they move up competitively. The purpose of Mind Right Sport Psychology is to help build the other 90% - the mental game. Working from a positive coaching perspective and using strength based practices, we train athletes to harness a high performance mindset through sport psychology.

Our work together will build excellence and the pursuit of mastery, helping performers thrive in any environment. Collaboration occurs with athletes and their systems (parents, coaches, etc.), using sport and performance psychology fundamentals. I offer in person sessions in San Antonio, in the field and all over the country, and Video/Zoom sessions while working individually with an athlete or providing group training and seminars.

Mental skills training helps people become consistent, mentally tough and dominant.  Mind Right Sport Psychology takes an innovative approach, using the power of neuroscience to create mental processes which ignite elite performance. We provide formal and informal assessment, education and practical instruction into the best practices of sport and performance psychology, and when needed, therapeutic support.

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